Obby [OBBY] features two objectives; beat the obby and reach the end first. The first person to jump into the hole (of which you ought not to jump while in it, according to the sign) will win the key. The person who does this will unlock the feature of starting a vote for the Lord Pumpkin map.

The second objective is to reach the Chest at stage one of the obby. If reached, you will receive the Halloween Bomb. Yes, the Halloween Bomb has unlimited uses and free. Other then that, this gamemode is quite the useless one, even though the loading screen says there is a cash reward for winning. There isn't.

This gamemode is used for one map; Halloween Obby. It is therefore a Halloween Event 2014 exclusive gamemode.


  • Everyone else is also an obstacle, be aware!
  • Sprinting increases the chance of reaching the end.


  • Returned to R2DA as Bootcamp.
  • This was added in Version 36, alongside the Halloween Obby map.
  • Obby is an abbreviation term for obstacle course.

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