No Mercy takes place on top of Mercy Hospital, a map from L4D. Players will spawn on top of a platform next to a helicopter pad, which will be the landing spot for the helicopter that will be saving the survivors after they fend off zombie attacks.


Being located on top of a hospital, you cannot physically enter the building itself. There are many levels to the map. Various generators and trusses are located around the map. On the highest level are where most the structures are at.

The helipad, Radio room are located on the highest level. There is nothing much more than that.



  • The Radio can still be activated on Elimination, however, no rescue will be sent.
  • The helicopter is glitchy and can often be seen before you call for rescue.
  • In the Left 4 Dead version of No Mercy, you do not start on the rooftop of the hospital.
  • No Mercy made a return in R2DA.

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