New Bloxcoast is a remade map from old R2D. Back then, it was called Bloxcoast. This is a Survival map, and the objective is to survive long enough to get into the escape helicopter.

The city presumably was hit by the zombie outbreak, quarantined from the rest of civilisation. The only two ways out are destroyed; the collapsed tunnel and the collapsed bridge. The map features several buildings which you can enter, in which most hold supplies for the survivors. The map also features a construction site, in which you can drive a bulldozer in the streets. The gas station also holds a gas tank, which if shot, explodes and kills any nearby players or AI Zombies.

As soon as you spawn, the Survival timer starts ticking down from 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, the helicopter arrives and has a waiting time of 2 minutes before it flies off. Which takes 7 minutes in total.

The main building the helicopter arrives at is the tallest one in the city and is north of where you spawn. Taking the elevator sometimes results in it glitching, so try to take the stairs.


This is a map set in a city, which holds several large buildings, mainly the office buildings that holds a helipad, and several floors. The main building has an elevator and 8 floors, with the top one having a helipad, in which your rescue will arrive at. There is the main skyscraper where the helicopter will land if the game mode is on Survival. Other decoration buildings that are blue, orange and grey, some of them are enter-able, populate the city. There is a gas station where a supply box can be found, as well as the explosive gas tank. A construction site is also visible.

The main building's helipad can be entered through 3 different ways: the main ladder near the elevator (through the staircase), the second ladder (through the billboard) and the elevator.


  • New Bloxcoast was the first map to feature an interactive object that players could use against other players or zombies.
  • The New Bloxcoast helicopter used to be glitched but was later fixed.
  • There are 4 supply cabinets and 1 fake one from the old R2D 2009.
  • It was the first map made for R2D revived version.
    • This was remade in Version 24 to become more detailed with more buildings.
  • This is the only map that has an Easter Eggs referencing to a Roblox group (Pinewood Builders).
  • During Winter, there was a Christmas tree on top of the main building.
  • New Bloxcoast can be seen in Outskirts.
  • New Bloxcoast made a return in R2DA.

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