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Mr. Frost is the guardian of the North Pole. He is the last line of defence before the survivors are able to breach the walls of the city. He stands guard over the main gate, ready to crush anyone who dares enter the city.

Mr. Frost was built ages ago in order to defend the city from any intruders. He has stood guard for a long time, crushing anyone who dares to enter the forbidden city. He wields his mighty hammer, a relic from times long ago, made of the best items available. The hammer is unique and it is forged to a degree of paragon that challenges anything we have today. With each blow of his hammer, he is able to generate towers of spikes to impale his foes if they are not shoved off into oblivion. He is also able to call down a freezing rain, freezing all of those who oppose them in their tracks, only to then be dragged into the all-devouring tornadoes.


The map starts on a small ice island. You have to traverse small icebergs, which may randomly sink, to reach the main island. After you reach the main island you have to press a button which releases Mr Frost. You have to do this or the round will end. Once he enters through the gates, you must do battle.

There is no protective walls to prevent you going into the water. There is only a large perimeter wall that is on par with the gate. Climbing up it will cause a trip effect to occur. Camping on the top of the wall is bannable.

The arena itself is sparsely decorated, with only three ammo stations and a square island to fight Mr Frost on. If Mr Frost falls into the water he will respawn.


  • Mr Frost has a high explosion resistance
  • Immune to Molotovs but not the Flamethrower.
    • Use the Flamethrower to unfreeze survivors and severely damage Mr Frost. Each "pellet" of the Flamethrower deals 200 damage to Mr Frost.
  • This battle is based on luck on what attack Mr Frost uses.
  • Stay away from the edge of the arena, you could easily be flung off by an unexpected attack.
  • Try to get near the edges whenever the boss is killed.
    • This will raise your chances to not get stopped by a Chests so you can get the Ice Sledge.


  • Third boss to be added to R2D.
  • Like Lord Pumpkin, this map can be played after the event if PlaceRebuilder wishes so.
  • First boss able to speak English.
    • It is the first boss able to speak English in R2D.
  • The map was remade within Yeti's Quest in R2DA.
  • The ice spikes from the Hammer Slam move uses the mesh from the Ice Crown.