The zombies are another crucial part of Reason 2 Die, as it would be a completely different game without them. There are three kinds of zombies in Reason 2 Die; Infected, Special Infected, and AI Infected. AI Infected are Artificial-Intelligence Zombies that contain a custom pathfinding script and will try to hunt any survivor they may see, although they derp and mess around most of the time, Infected and Special Infected are Player-Controlled Zombies, special infected are uncommon Infected with different abilities, such as a Boomer, Smoker, and Tank. Normal Infected are common infected, that do not have any abilities but to swarm the map!

Current Zombies

Zombie NewButton Crawler NewButton Boomer NewButton Smoker NewButton Hunter NewButton Tank NewButton
Cavebat NewButton Duck NewButton Stalker-2- Fireballbutton

Special Zombies

EdgarTheMoonBear Franksinastrabutton

Accidental Hybrids

CrawkerButton TunterButton ElemankButton SmonterButton Missing Missing


SmallSoulFetcher MinicakeBUTTON AIZBUTTON2


Kingcakebutton2 LPumpkinButton GatekeeperButton


Fire ChargedTankButton It's judgment day
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