I don't think the Soviets invented the Molotov for that reason, but, I think some people use it for crazy ideas. Like burning zombies alive with it. Hey, zombie lives matter... Right?


  • The Molotov is completely useless against Firebreathers/Elementals and will heal them instead.
  • You can use this as a suicide weapon when you are about to die, but the Grenade is more frequently used.
  • The Molotov is best used on a weak hoard of zombies.


  • The Molotov was previously used to kill teammates or scare people into getting off their seats, as the Molotov was able to team-kill for a period of time.
  • If a Molotov is in your inventory, it will appear by your side on your character.
  • The Molotov made a return in R2DA.

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