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All information necessary for becoming and maintaining moderation-ship in R2D. Check page "Application" if you're interested in joining the team!

Mod Punishments

If you're being complained that you're using your powers wrongfully / abusively, you will be punsihed by the following:

  • Level 1 Infraction: 7 Days /w Suspended Moderationship.
  • Level 2 Infraction: 10 Days Banned Ingame /w Suspended Moderationship.
  • Level 3 Infraction: 13 Days Banned Ingame /w Data Wipe and Suspended Moderationship.
  • Level 4 Infraction: 16 Days Banned Ingame /w Data Wipe and Removal of Moderationship.
  • Level 5 Infraction: Permanently Banned Ingame /w Removal of Moderationship.

Suspension / Removal of a Mod's Moderationship will only happen if a HM / Group Wall gets overwhelmed with Complains about that Certain Moderator or if It is discovered that the Complains are Truth. Abusing Ban CAN AND WILL lead to instant Level 4 Infraction. If the Moderator get Complains, a HM will attempt to Contact the Accused Moderator via Party or Private Messages to have a lil' Real Talk, and sort things out; if the HM can't contact the Moderator for a/some day(s) suspension will happen forcedly.

Developer commands

  • kill
  • kick
  • shutdown this
  • showtag
  • warn

Moderator commands

  • kill
  • kick
  • ban
  • dban
  • shutdown this
  • clearplayer
  • kill all
  • spectate
  • showtag
  • warn

Head Moderator commands

  • kill
  • kick
  • ban
  • dban
  • shutdown this
  • clearplayer
  • cleartags
  • recoverplayer
  • rlr
  • purchases
  • admingui
  • closeadmingui
  • permban
  • unban
  • kill all
  • spectate
  • showtag
  • warn
  • give
  • givei


Admin commands are only for PlaceRebuilder and Jopede. Therefore there is no point in publishing them here. All commands + more are available to the admins of R2D.


NOTE: Parameters within brackets [ ] are optional. Commands are not case-sensetive unless explicitly stated.

kill name
Kills the person with the name starting with or equal to the name given. 
Ex: kill placerebuilder
kick name
The person will not be able to re-enter the server he/she was kicked from. 
Ex: kick placerebuilder
ban name reason
The person will be kicked and banned from re-entering R2D. The ban takes effect immediately on the server he/she was banned from but it will take two minutes for other servers to properly update. ALWAYS give a reason, the moderators name is automatically included in the reason.
Ex: ban placerebuilder he is using speedhacking software
dban name days reason
This will ban the person for x amount of days for the given reason. NOTE: Only single digit amount of days allowed (0-9).
Ex: dban place 7 he is using speedhacking software
shutdown this
Shuts down the current server. It will kick all people who try to join and is not so safe so only use this method when the server is broken.
Ex: shutdown this
clearplayer id
Removes all items and stats, thus successfully removes ALL progress done by the player with the given id. Player needs to be offline from R2D for this method to fully work.
Ex: clearplayer 348902
Clear the adminguis printed screen from text.
Ex: cleartags
recoverplayer id
Recalculates the backpack. In case player has lost a weapon he/she previously used then use this to get the weapon back. NOTE: All items and vests will be removed. Player needs to be offline from R2D for this method to fully work.
Ex: recoverplayer 348902
purchases id
Prints all purchases done by the player on the admingui. Currently VERY buggy and can not be trusted.
Ex: purchases 348902
Opens the admingui
Ex: admingui
Close the admingui
Ex: closeadmingui
permban id
Bans the player with the ID. It does not kick the player out of the current game.
Ex: permban 348902
unban id
Unbans the player with the given ID.
Ex: unban 348902
rlr id
Reset the player to last saved rank (Only works if they ranked up in v26+ servers)
Ex: rlr 348902
kill all
Kills all the players after the command is triggered but the one who used the command.
Ex: kill all
Goes into spectate mode.
Ex: spectate
Shows the moderator tag.
Ex: showtag
Prints the message in red. Mod tag must be shown for this command to work.
Ex: warn stop glitching the game
Gives cash and exp to the person.
Ex: give place 666
Gives the item (any kind) to the person.
Ex: givei place Famas F1