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  • Name:David

    Country:United States of America

    Roblox Name: YurAverageBob

    Roblox Join Date: May 5 2010

    Gender: Male

    Languages Fluently: English, Korean

    If you want to get to know me I was born in a small little town in Tennessee called Dandridge. I have been playing Roblox Games since 2010 and I generally love Roblox. I own other variety of games on steam such as H1Z1 etc.

    I want to become a moderator for R2DA become a moderator because the R2D and R2DA is one of the very few communitys on Roblox that isn't canercous, and I want to keep it that way.

    I have no experience being a moderator for any games but I am a administrator in Restaurant called Asian Fusion in Maryland.

    I think I would be a good moderator because I'm very social and would give a helping hand.

    I play Roblox from 9AM eastern time till 10AM eastern time. In the summer and on school days 5pm till 9pm eastern time.

    The games I play on Roblox are R2DA apoc arcane adventures and random tycoons when I'm bored

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