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  • plz dont lolhit me :(

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  • I'm sorry dude, but I don't know what gun to gunhop with other than the ones I've talked about.

    Sure, one day I may try some others, even if I do indeed witness noobs going their own way flying to the top of the gate of KingCake, but I can just suggest that they were just jumping on each other's heads until they went up.

    Well, to be honest, there's no other gun like Flamethrower, Minigun, or AK-47 for gunhopping. (although I've recently discovered Katana is good based on other players).

    Flamethrower and Minigun, if you have realized, have a difference among the other guns. Can you see it? They both make the player stand in a different way unlike all the other guns.

    I'm not sure, but using my knowledge and experience of roblox physics, this makes the gun somewhat unique and this could contribute to making the gun to to the middle of your character rather than the other guns (Sniper, Shotgun, SPAS-12, etc) which have a position of more to the right. This makes Flame/Mini more unique.

    AK-47 doesn't have the uniqueness of the Flame/Mini as it has a normal stance just like the other guns. But, the unique part of this gun is that you hold it in an idle way (the gun pointing to the ground, looking down, just like real life long gun safety, rather than looking straight) before you shoot. This also contributes to making the gun going to the middle of your character.

    Sooner or later I may try gunhopping with MP5 as this gun shares its uniqueness as the AK-47.

    TL;DR: It is not advisable to gunhop with other guns, but you may try other combinations so I may see later. I myself will try other guns that have similarities with the ones I've said above for new loadouts on gunhopping.

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  • Hi, welcome to R2D Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:TheLolingHitman page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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