May look like a metal tub but it can swiftly turn the tide of your health. And the game. Maybe. Using this will act upon your health, no matter how low, to 100%. No further and no less. Then again, sometimes you only heal a small wound yet all of the tub is gone. Logic?


  • The Medkit takes time to be consumed.
  • The Medkit can be used to heal other survivors by pressing LMB near them.
  • The Medkit is best used whenever possible instead of being saved for later. However it is not recommended to heal low amounts of damage such as 10HP or 20HP.


  • Also known as the "Healthkit".
  • In early versions of R2D, it was possible to heal a door by using a Medkit.
  • The Medkit sometimes fails to heal when the survivor is being attacked.
  • The Medkit can be used to troll by healing someone then reset before it is complete, making them unable to move until another Medkit is used on them.
  • If a Medkit is in your inventory, it will appear on your back on your character.
  • You could move while healing by pressing shift.

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