Lord Pumpkin is the Halloween Event 2014 boss. He has many devastating abilities and summoning Soul Fetchers is one of them. He can also spit explosive fireballs, albeit the attack is off target most of the time.


His arena can be described as a hellish cavern residing in the void, full of lava and other random fortifications.

Players start at the enterance of the cavern. They must parkour across the lava in a short space of time, otherwise the rocks will sink and you are unable to defeat Lord Pumpkin.

There is a narrow strip of land, in front of Lord Pumpkin which contains most of the fortifications, consisting of open wood structures, and all the ammo stations. Perpendicular to this is a narrow ledge. To avoid the Lavawave effectively, this is where you stay.


  • The Lavawave destroys most wooden buildings in one go. Whenever Lord Pumpkin jumps, the wave is bound to come, so go to the narrow ledge on the right.
  • Lord Pumpkin fireball shots can't destroy planks.
    • Because of this, planks are used to build upon structures that will eventually be destroyed. However, the fireballs still deal explosive damage to those close enough to the impact.
  • Turrets are a good way to deal with the Soul Fetchers. Be prepared to being a Wrench, just in case.
  • If you land into the lava, not head or torso-first, you only lose the use of your legs, meaning you can still survive longer.
    • Be warned, jumping is much harder.
  • Sometimes, Chests spawn on lava or on the roof of the cave.
    • If you have your Rambo Knife, you can use it to aim at the chest. If the knife hits the chest, you get it.


  • Lord Pumpkin is R2D's second boss.
  • Due to hackers/glitchers, the cash prize of Lord Pumpkin was initially removed but was re-implemented in Version 37.
    • Before, the cash reward could be between 2,000$-2,500$.
  • The mesh for Lord Pumpkin is based off of the ROBLOX hat Sinister P., which is no longer obtainable.
  • Lord Pumpkin's health is displayed on a big healthbar, at the top, to the survivors.
  • Lord Pumpkin has a grey brick inside it's mesh which displays its name and healthbar.
  • Like Mr Frost, this map can be played after the event if PlaceRebuilder wishes so.


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