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The Live Store can be accessed with the "LIVE Store" button on the bottom left of your screen. Depending on whether you are a survivor or a zombie, different items are available for you to buy, to help you along.

Survivors Store

Zombies Store

Survivor's Store

  • Van; once only. (100$)
  • Two extra planks for Hammer; up to eight planks. (10$)
  • Grenade; infinite but only one may be in your inventory at once. (30$)
  • Pills; once only. (30$)
  • One more C4 charge; up to six charges. (20$)
  • Turret; up to two. (180$)

Zombie's Store

  • Radar Tag. (10$)
  • Reposition. (15$)
  • C4 Crawler; only works with Crawler. (100$)