Lay By is a Survival map for R2D. This map was inspired by The Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 1, where the family walks through this area.


Survivors spawn inside a picnic shed. Outside a campfire can be seen, but it does not inflict fire damage. A highway, an abandoned house and a derelict building can be viewed. There is a broken bridge which spans a reservoir. An electric pylon spans the map from the bridge to the edge.


  • The Crawler spawn chance increased to 90%.
    • Expect rapid and fast gameplay.
  • Since the map is small, explosive devices such as Chinalake are very useful here.
    • Be aware, C4 Crawlers are common and they can fling you off the map.
      • There are no invisible walls to protect you from falling.
  • Elementals are also useful here.


  • This is the second smallest map ever in R2D History.
  • This is the only map to change time during gameplay.
  • This map is heavily criticised for the free models it uses.
    • It could partially explain why nobody is credited for the map.
  • This is the only map to change the zombie spawnrate.
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