R2D Wiki

Hacks are Gameplay-Ruiners, that Bored People use for their own Advantage. These Hackers must be Banned by a Moderator, not Votekicked.

If you see a hacker ingame, please tell on the Reason 2 Die Community's Group Wall and a mod will come as fast as possible to ban the hacker permanently.

Speed Hack

Also known as Speedhack or Speed Exploit. People that walks faster than anyone else and contains a boosted Character Animation, exploited their own ingame speed connection to become alot faster than anyone, becoming untoucheable for the Zombies. The Speedhack is the most known hack on R2D.

Gravity Hack

Also known as Nograv, No Grav or Moon Jump. People that can do a Moon Jump and fall as slow as a Paper, are Exploiting their own Gravity Power, decreasing it to Jump Higher and Fall Slower. They can go to Unreachable Places, making it Impossible for the Zombies to Kill the Nograver.

Ammo Hack

This hack is the unfortunately the less-noticed, due to it's blended form of hacking. People that can shoot Endlessly, without having to Reload, are considered Ammo-Hacking. The most obvious way to spot a Ammo Hacker is him using the Sniper to hack.

Damage Hack

Also known as Instakill Hack. People that does a Ridiculous Ammount of Damage, with any kind of Weapon, that can lead to 1-Hit Kill, are people which exploited their Weapon's Damage, and can Instakill any kind of Zombie without troubles, including Tanks. If you get shot and killed with one bullet as a Tank, the guy exploited it's damage.

Noclip Hack

Also known as Ghost Hack or Nocollide Hack. People going through Walls are people that Exploited their Character's Collide System to go though/inside any kind of Brick, leading them Inside Unenterable Places, such as Locked Houses, Mountains and so. This hack is mostly used to prevent damage from Zombies- and to camp aswell.