King Cake was the first ever boss to be added into R2D. While meant for the Event M8, he returned for Halloween Event 2014 and Christmas Event 2014. King Cake is a giant piece of chocolate cake with a cherry on top, which also sits a crown. His arena is in the sky.

It is said that master PlaceRebuilder bestowed upon his people the blessing of Cake, to aid them in their eternal struggle against the zombie hordes. When the word "cake" was uttered, a slice of Cake would fall from the heavens and heal those who took a bite from its sacred bread. King Cake soon took notice that his subjects were disappearing one by one, which confused him. Seeking answers, he went to PlaceRebuilder. Place explained that his people needed the power of the Cake in order to prevail over the ever-powerful growing Infected hordes. King Cake grew enraged, warning that he would one day wreak havoc on the mortals for eating his people. That day has come. Without consulting PlaceRebuilder, King Cake started transporting survivors to his air palace in order to eliminate them. Unable to stop this madness PlaceRebuilder utterd a secret curse, effectivly binding King Cake for a time. He was only granted to return during special celebration. Yet to this day he stands undefeated in his skykingdom, awaiting his furious and vicious return.


King Cake's throne room appears to be levitating in the sky, held up by clouds. Players spawn in front of a heavenly gold staircase. After walking up it and going through the gates, King Cake himself can be seen. He temporarily sits on a platform which has an ammo table in front of it. To the sides are golden pillars which can be used to kite his minions among other things. To the side is a cage which contains all of the dead players and zombies.


  • Missiles - Spawns many missiles which will do explosive damage if they hit you.
  • Cake Rain - Clouds appear, raining down cakes which will explode when touched ground
  • Minion Spawn - King Cake spawns 6 Cake Minions, whom are smaller pieces of cake with glasses. They do 10 damage on hit and can be very easily killed.
  • Ground Slam - King Cake strikes the ground, any player caught in the radius of this attack will be instantly flung off the map and probably killed.

Disvantages and Advantages


  • Moves slowly (for his size)
  • Big target
  • Doesn't really use correct AI (like Lord Pumpkin)


  • Huge blastwave (80 studs radius)
  • Cake Minions spawn (6 per spawn)
  • Heatseeking rockets (one per player)
  • Clouds dropping cakebombs (4 bombs per attack)


  • King Cake is the first boss mob introduced in R2D.
  • He appears to reside in the heavens.
  • King Cake is the only way a player can get an item that is above their rank.
  • King Cake is only available during special events.
  • King Cake was commonly farmed and dropped lots of cash in debug until its debut in the actual game where there were mostly pp.
  • King Cake mostly dropped a large amount of chests filled with items,pp,cash, and nothing resulting in empty.
  • King Cake was knocked off his small platform by bats and explosions when he was first introduced and this was fixed.
  • King Cake was given immunity to knockdowns and had the ability to create a shockwave pushing nearby combatants off the map as vengeance for their shenanigans.
  • King Cake can be shoved off the map with a van.
  • King Cake was able to be lured off the map by the pipebomb at one point(patched).
  • King Cake was able to "spawn kill" the survivors when they were going up the staircase if a pipebomb was thrown at the gate so the cake would appear right infront blocking the survivors and flinging them off (patched).
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