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Here is all of my Reason 2 Die Fan Art I made .

Thank for all my hard-works to keep Reason 2 Die community on in full speed. Here is the fan art I made for Place and Evil.

Reason 2 Die Fan Arts for Place

Here is my first two fan arts I posted in Reason 2 Die. This is Reason 2 Die Awakening's Easter event for cool items and weapons.

This is the Two Fan art I made for Place -->

R2D fanart No.1.jpg
B XZDN4WcAIspJ9.jpg

How need color bro, it is such a cool fanart ?

People love these fan art because of it is so unique, nobody could draw fanart from piece of paper. So, I made a New fanart was about this lost idea about the future of Reason 2 Die. Zombies will be better than before because of the OP weapons problems, and survivor will ability to survive the harsh toxic land. Until now everyone run for there live.

Here was the fan arts about the hard event for R2DA..

Fanart No.3 .png.jpg

Do you know one video by ROBLOX JOHN (or Swager21) about Fanarts ? Skip to 0:40, you will hear him said" Even on papers"


So.. u made fanart huh?

You see that is an excellent achievement. --->

Fan art No.4.jpg

One more thing, I actually had even more fan arts for Place...

Why AK-12 had to be released, such mystery, so werid.

Would Reason 2 Die Awaken have large map. Depend how laggy it is.

This fan art actually from Instagram, miniguns rules!

Evil's Fan Arts from @KingVenomRBLX

Evil tweet the link of my fan arts. Almost everyone saw but, few did. Successfully it have colors, and awesome looks for him.

Evil, gave a crazy Dubstep gun to Swager21. This is better than I thought.

This is going to be Evil's official fan art. I put different colors on it so, evil will be in color and background was black and white.

Miscellaneous R2D Fan Art.

It would be a little nice comic I made about duck's life. Sorry you need to click on this Link.

This is what Place with look in real life. V

PlaceRebuilder IRL.png

Place's best fanart.jpg

Recent Fan Art

Would tank be weaker and weaker, made most weapons OP . Enough, Charged Tanks and HMKA (Killer Tanks), HMKA was the second version of charged tanks. HMKA was a complex robotic zombie already beaten a charged tanks before. HMKA used to be Place's secert guard to protect the admins from deadly hordes and armies of tanks. HMKA would be the longest lasting zombies in the game for crazy immunity and abilities.

*HMKA are only brought by R2D's moderators, Admins and V.I.P because it is way too op for most people.*

HMKA was only spawn once per round and it must refresh in 4 hour if it is destroyed. If tank buyers stopped roam R2D, HMKA reanimate from the termintors. Specificed detail coming soon...

Killer tank in R2D.jpg