There are multiple kinds of Items, more than five kinds, which will be shown on the list below. They are one of the crucial things of the game, without any items, Reason 2 Die would be more monotonous and harder than what it is by these days. There are many advantages and some disvantages on all Items, and can be extremelly helpful on tight situations.

R2DRBar CurrentItems
PillsButton MedkitButton GrenadeButton MolotovButton PipebombButton HammerButton
WrenchButton NepNepMineButton C4Button ENRGYButton EmpButton TazorButton
SnowBallButton ClusternadeButton BaseballButton CandyButton KazoomkaButton


TurretButton BunnyButton


HallowsButton BlueGiftButton YellowGiftButton GreenGiftButton FireworksButton PrFireworksButton


CheSTButton CakeButton MicrophoneButton

LIVE Store

VanButton TurretButton-0 BlueTurretButton


TNTButton ShovelButton GasolineButton AntidoteButton ColaButton TedButton
RadioButton-0 TorchButton RevolverButton SupplysButton
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