The Ice Hammer is the first weapon that is gained from a boss but not the first prize received, with the Halloween Vest being the first. The Ice Hammer is able to freeze all zombies, aside from the Elemental, the Tank for a period of time.


Forged from the coldest endothermic flame deep within the North Pole, that was brought there when Santa first took residence. The Ice Hammer was manufactured for the elite gate watcher, who was created from the finest Arctic snow to stand guard over the gates to Santa's realm. Only the best gear was reserved for someone guarding such a important place.


  • The Ice Sledge has a "cooldown" after every click, so don't spam frequently.
    • In addition, you would stand still while using this weapon.
  • The Ice Sledge is able to freeze all zombie except for AI Zombies, Elementals and Tanks.
    • This will however insta-kill AIs.


  • Also known as the "Ice Hammer".
  • The Ice Sledge is first of it's kind to have a unique freezing ability.
  • The Ice Sledge is only obtainable during event, although it's NOT an event item.
  • Considered the ancestor of the Ice Staff of R2DA.
  • The Ice Sledge can be found in Yeti's Quest.

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