The Tank is already a devastating zombie within R2D. Combine other traits associated with other zombies, you can create deadly combos. These types of zombies are extremely rare and are said to be a glitch. You should stay away from all these zombies unless properly equipped.

An example of this is the Hunter Tank. Lack of speed is made up for the devastating jumps and high damage inflicted by this monster of a beast. Even Minigun users have difficulty taking this down due to the high jumps. The best advice to avoid this type of zombie is to hide in enclosed buildings with other survivors.


Left Mouse Button
Punch Deals 26 damage. Consumes no energy.
F key
Rock Throw Throws a large piece of rock. If the rock isn't broken and it hits a survivor, they are instantly killed. If one of the four fragments hits a survivor, they are tripped. Consumes no energy.
Left Mouse Button + Headland
Rip Deals 30-35 damage. Consumes no energy.
Space key
Space Jumps extremely high. Consumes 30 energy.


  • The hood from the Hunter is enlarged and you are crawling, just like the Hunter.
  • This can effectively Rock Throw, despite the crawling stance.


Hunter Tank
Hunter tank on cavedin
RobloxScreenShot11182014 162458049
Hunter Tank R2D 3

Hunter Tank R2D 3

Reason 2 Die Hunter-Tank hybrid gameplay

Reason 2 Die Hunter-Tank hybrid gameplay

Roblox R2D half hunter and tank o

Roblox R2D half hunter and tank o.o

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