The Hunter is one of the special infected in R2D. All Hunters appear to have a black hood. The Hunter be purchased for 60$ and kill reward is 30$

Hunters, as the name implies, hunt their prey. All Hunters don't seem to know how to walk like any other Zombie or survivor, so they crawl, which unfortunately makes them easily vulnerable to bullets due to its slow speed on ground. But when it jumps, it jumps high; high enough to completely jump 30 studs if done right. The super high jump means it is difficult to shoot them in mid-air, giving them an advantage to get the chance and catch its prey. If landed on its prey successful, the hunter will start to rip apart the survivor with a unbelievable amount of damage, killing him in seconds. Most survivors doesn't escape alive if they aren't in a team. The Hunters are considered the hunting class of the game.


Left Mouse Button
Scratch Deals 10 damage. Consumes no energy.
Left Mouse Button + Headland
Rip Deals 30-35 damage. Consumes no energy.
Space key
Jump Jumps extremely high. Consumes 30 energy.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Jump consumes energy.
  • Slow on ground.


  • Fast in the air.
    • Jumps extremely high.
  • Disarms victim, for the most part.
  • High damage.


  • Some Hunters may be wearing the Fireproof Vest or the Standard Vest (50% chance), meaning that they are more resistant to more damage.
    • This was added in Version 37.
  • The Hunter seems to have custom animations.
  • The Hunter can damage his victim away from the body due to a glitch, making it viable for killing Rambo Knife users.
  • The Hunter can grab through walls if a survivor is close enough for their hitbox to collide.
  • The Hunter used to move the same speed as a Boomer and jumped as high as the No Mercy skyscraper from top to bottom.

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