In a survival round, at the top left corner of the screen it says, "Heli will arrive in [TIME] minutes" or "Time til resuce: [TIME] minutes". When the time is over, the helicopter comes to pick you, if you survived, and fly you away.

When the Helicopter spawns, on top left of the screen, it says, "Heli is leaving: [TIME]".

When the Helicopter flies you away, you go to the winning screen. Sometimes zombies follow inside the helicopter, so they can get more time to kill the survivors. If the survivors don't make to the helicopter in time, they lose.

In Buried Alive you must complete the objectives to reach the Helicopter. All other maps you must survive or complete the objectives before the Helicopter lands.


  • You can still get damaged while sitting in the Helicopter. Try to defend until the very last second.
    • Once it lands, it will be targeted. Defend it cautiously.
  • You can teleport to the seats in the Helicopter by using a thrown Rambo Knife or Crossbow.


  • The Green Helicopter replaced the Old Helicopter.
  • The Green Helicopter made a temporary return in R2DA.
  • In Version 25, the Old Helicopter gained five more seats.
  • The Green Helicopter was very glitchy, meaning it could crash into the side of the building.
  • The Red Helicopter in Platypus has a 50% chance of exploding.

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