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Ah, the good old hammer! This item is mostly used as a support, buuuuut people also troll other players with it. Closing off exits, closing off doors to the rescue, yeah... This is why we can't have nice things in the world. People used to do this all the time, until it became bannable. Now it's much rarer.. rarer? More rare? I don't know. Let's just go with rarer. Now it's much rarer to see people troll other players with this thing, but trust me, before trolling other players with a hammer was bannable, people just closed off everything so that nobody could go through. If you were lucky enough to have a Bat though, you are able to break the planks and be the hero of the day.


  • LMB to place down nails. The planks will be built between the nails if the distance is close enough.
  • You start off with 7 planks, but you can buy 8 more planks in the Live Store.
  • The Hammer's planks can be destroyed by zombies and survivors.
  • The Hammer can be used to draw the simplest of objects, hold crates against a door, make a ladder/platform, and block entrances for awhile.
  • The Hammer is best used with weapons that can hit through the planks like the Chinalake or Flamethrower but don't forget to bring a weapon to destroy the planks, just incase.


  • The Hammer cannot barricade some areas
    • This is easily bypassed by clicking on other survivors or Turrets.
  • The Hammer can place planks on other players bodies.
  • The Hammer made a return in R2DA.