In order to fight Lord Pumpkin himself, you must first traverse his treacherous obstacle course and retrieve the key at the end, or perhaps go off the beaten path and look for extra goodies? This is the first event map to be added to R2D. While you spawn with armor and weapons, they are basically useless.

The Halloween Obby features two objectives; beat the obby and reach the end first. The first person to jump into the hole (of which you ought not to jump while in it, according to the sign) will win the key. This unlock the feature of starting a vote for the Lord Pumpkin map.

The second objective is to reach the chest at stage one of the obby. If reached, you will receive a Halloween Bomb event item.


  • Platform Run - A path is provided to run along during the initial part of the course. Then, you must jump from platform to platform. Some platforms may sink below the lava, some will trip you.
  • Spinner - A large portion of the path is cut and is instead rotating.
  • Detour - You must jump from ever rising platforms to get the Chest which contains the Halloween Bomb. You cannot turn back once you have gotten the chest.
  • Codes - After jumping across disappearing blocks, you must go though numbers to reach the top of the level. The correct order is 3, 1, 2, 1.
  • Platform Run 2 - Wait for the gate to drop and run along more platforms. The platforms are smaller and you must climb a ladder to reach a long stretch.
  • Acid Rain - Touch the button to activate the acid rain. Staying on the button will protect you from the rain. The button will rise to reveal a entrance.
  • Terrain Run - Upon entering, players have 1 minute to reach the end of the obby. They must stick close to the walls of the map. When the reach the end they must go into the hole to get the key.


  • The second objective obby is not visible in the obby map picture.
  • The Halloween Obby theme can be found here.
  • The Halloween Obby received a remake in R2DA.

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