The Halloween Event 2014 was launched to celebrate, yes you guessed it, Halloween.

It contained a strong new boss mob known as Lord Pumpkin. If defeated, the winners can gain a special Halloween Vest that doesn't cost anything and can be used indefinitely.

Another thing about this Event is that it contains an obby part, thus introduced the new gamemode: Obby. In the obby you can achieve one of two goals: unlock the "Vote for Lord Pumpkin" (which is presented as a key) or find the Halloween Bomb, which is a obby detour in stage one.

Exclusive Items

Pumpkin ChestButton
Halloween Bomb Chests

Exclusive Armors

Halloween Vest Button
Halloween Vest

Exclusive Mobs

SmallSoulFetcher LPumpkinButton
Soul Fetcher Lord Pumpkin

Exclusive Maps

HALLOBBY Lord Pumpkin2
Halloween Obby Lord Pumpkin


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