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Groups is a feature in Reason 2 Die. It was added in Version 25.

In this system, up to four players (including yourself) can be in a group. To create a group, during the ready screen, select the "Create Group" button. It will give you a choice of name and colour of the group. You cannot select a colour if it has been chosen already. Click a person to invite them. You can also leave the group if you so wish.

On the leaderboard, the colour of the group will appear next to a player, if they are in one. Click the colour and the name of the group will appear.

The benefits are that you are able to see your party members, even if you cannot see their nametag. If all starting survivors within that party win, then they get a specific amount of player points at the end. If 2 players win, they get 20 player points each, 3 players get 30 player points and so on. This will appear on the televised winscreen. If one of the starting survivors die, then the remaining player(s) will not receive additional player points.


  • Mobile player cannot see, nor can join, groups due to their restricted screen size.
  • Players can see dead player's group tags.