A grenade. That's literally it. It's a normal grenade. You remove that pin on top and throw it. Proceed to run like hell if you are too close. It's as simple as that. Nothing special about it.


  • The Grenade can fling Tanks away.
  • The Grenade can lead to self-damage.
  • If you are in dire situation in which you are going to die, throwing the Grenade down will gain some extra money.
  • You can grenade jump using this.
    • You must equip an explosive resistant vest, such as the Flak Vest, throw the grenade at your feet, move towards the area you want to blast to, and then wait.


  • The Grenade is given free and without taking an item slot if you join the "R2D Community" Group.
    • Bringing another Grenade to the round will result in you having two Grenades.
  • If a Grenade is in your inventory, it will appear by your side on your character.
  • Can be infinitely bought from the Live Store for 30$, but only one Grenade may be in your inventory.