Mobile GUIs can be found here.

Main Menu GUI

Image Name Function
Join Game You can see the players on the server, choose whether you spawn as zombie or survivor and join a game by clicking the Ready button in here. You can also make your own Groups and see others within a group if you are on PC or Mac.
Inventory You can equip or unequip your Weapons, Items and Armors here.
Settings You can turn off sound, switch your view mode and other things in here.
Store You can buy Weapons, Items, Armors and Robux Boosters here.
Recovery If you have lost Weapons, Event Items or Rank (not Cash), then you can choose to do a recovery. This doesn't appear for mobile users.
Sound You can turn in-game music off/on with this button. It also appears in-game.

In-Game GUI

Image Name Function
2015 01 18 16 24 53 18.png
LIVE Store Allows you to buy certain items or powerups in-game.
2015 01 18 16 25 08 881.png
FixCam Fixes your camera if it gets stuck.
Error Prints the error code on the console. Was removed late-2014.

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