Fus Roh Dah is a Admin "Weapon" that is activated only by PlaceRebuilder.
It is a type of Combat and it is unknown how PlaceRebuilder activates it.
Once it is activated, the player will be flinged and the track of Skyrim - Fus Ro Dah will be played.


PlaceRebuilder " FUS RO DAH " - PlaceRebuilder Gets Wrecked 3


Fus Roh Dah-0

Background Story

During the early days of outbreak, the undead had a virus on their brain.  The virus works by attempting to reanimate the dead body cells and re-enabling the brain activity, giving the virus the ability to revive the dead corpse. Unfortunately the virus, often called as z virus, could not work on the emoctions and other crucical parts of the brain, so the un-

dead is mindlessly, out-of-knowing. Due to that fact, the virus kept self-mutating over the days, often buffing muscles, developing bodyparts, increasing hunger will, and so the list goes.

There was a survivor called Ben. Ben Karl. It is told that he experienced a normal life before the outbreak started to create havoc upon our world called Earth. Legends says he was been bitten by a ordinary zombie during the first few days before hell invaded our once peaceful world, and didn't get killed by the infection for unknown reasons. But rumors says he got the virus inside his body since he was bit, which noticeably mutated his vocal chords.

When he gets enraged, this virus bursts the vocal chords into deafening unhuman chords, giving him the power to say his favorite phrase and launch all objects and living beings into orbit, while mysteriously playing a familiar medieval music on the background.

Is it not known if victims of his special ability survived next to his scream.

Scientists explored his vocal chords, and they discovered that specific bodypart had unexplainable cithinous hide on it's string, which hide's material is somewhat tougher than the hardest metal in the world, mixed with some body cells which gets extreme heat that enrupts blood upon having his body entering in state of rage, enraging the strings.

They call Ben as Foreign Creature. The world has been contaminated for years and no one ever had the mutation of his, and no one ever survived a zombie bit before. People believe he's either an being of another planet, or a cyborg from the future.

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