Free For All [FFA] mode allows survivors to kill each other. It was added in Update 46. Each player will spawn at a random place around the map, with 200 HP. If your vest gives health, it will add it on from 100 HP, leading to some players with less than 200 HP. Some weapons are banned from this mode, like the RPG. Only the best of the best make it out alive.


  • Don't bring health giving vests as they'll give you less health unless they give more than 200 HP.
  • Beware of explosives.
  • Automatic guns are recommended as they deal lots damage in a short amount of time.
    • Guns such as the Ak-47 and Famas F1 have a high damage per second, so are very useful here.
    • The Minigun can also be useful, just be aware of the rev up time.
    • The Flamethrower does not damage anyone at all. Avoid bringing this.
  • The Chainsaw and Katana are good secondaries to bring due to their damage per tick property.
    • For a ranged secondary, the MP5 and Crossbow are good choices.


  • Originally in debug, you would get double the health of your vest meaning some people could get 500 HP with the Officer Vest.
  • PlaceRebuilder and Jopede had the power to vote Free For All for all maps that didn't have the gamemode.
  • When Free For All was added it could be voted for multiple times until it became a special gamemode in Update 51a.
  • Until Update 48, you could damage yourself with your own Rambo Knife.

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