The Flak Vest allows survivors to resist 90% of any damage against any type of explosives. This includes the Grenade, Chinalake and the C4. However, it will not protect you from a direct contact RPG. This is a very useful, cheap, vest in case you accidentally blow yourself up.


  • The Flak Vest is a great defence against C4 Crawlers.
  • The Flak Vest will not reduce or remove explosion knockback so keep that in mind when in borderless maps.
    • This does, however, make it a very useful jumping tool when combined with the Chinalake, something called grenade jumping.
  • The Flak Vest goes well against C4 in Free For All.


  • The Flak Vest is a red-coloured textureless vest.
  • The Flak Vest is often used as a suicide-preventing kamikaze action with a Grenade when the survivor is surrounded and stunned.
  • The Flak Vest got a return in R2DA, with a different colour.
  • This vest (and all the other vests) is based on the Nerf Vest mesh but with a different texture, found here.

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