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The Fireproof Vest allows survivors to take no damage against Firebreathers or the fire variant of the Elemental.


  • The Fireproof Vest takes no damage against the Firebreather, Fire Elemental and other fire sources such as Molotovs.
    • This is very good for people who have problems with the natural fires or their own Molotovs.
      • The Fireproof Vest in combination with a Molotov will allow you to survive against hordes much longer.
    • The Fireproof Vest, however, offers no health boost.


  • The Fireproof Vest is a yellow-coloured textureless vest.
  • The Fireproof Vest is popular because of all the Fire Elementals charging into an escape vehicle and burning everyone without proper vests.
  • Zombies and Smokers can wear this vest.
  • This is the first vest to return in R2DA.
  • This vest (and all the other vests) is based on the Nerf Vest mesh but with a different texture, found here.