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All automatics (Minigun included) died because of this. The legacy it left behind was devastating, to say the least. No secondary could live up to this, even with you being stuck at an ammo table to reload.

Wikipedia Information

The first French bullpup rifles were developed between 1946 and 1950 at the AME (Atelier Mécanique de Mulhouse) and MAS, testing rounds such as .30 US Carbine, 7.92×33mm Kurz, 7.65×38mm (Made by Cartoucherie de Valence) and some other intermediate calibers. Since France was engaged in the First Indochina War at the time, and was also the second-largest contributor to NATO, the research budgets for new types of weapons were limited and priority was given to the modernization and production of existing service weapons. Nevertheless, approximately forty different 7.62×51mm NATO caliber prototype rifles were developed between 1952 and 1962, most notably the FA-MAS Type 62. However, the United States adoption of the M16 rifle and 5.56×45mm cartridge caused the French to rethink their approach, and consequently the Type 62 was not adopted.


  • When reloading, you will be locked in place for 4 seconds and an animation involving your character loading the gun will play.
    • Reloading can leave you vulnerable to zombies/tanks due to it keeping you still.
  • Be conservative of your ammo, as if you're last alive it is difficult to reload.


  • The Famas F1 is the first bullpup weapon in R2D.
  • Unlike other weapons in R2D, this weapon was created with CSG, like the RPG.
  • This gun has the longest reloading time, on par with the Minigun and the Thompson.
  • Built by BanneraSlegeraHammera otherwise known as Phalanyx in Roblox.
  • Reformed in R2DA as the nerfed-down Famas.