Miscellaneous Pages

Pages that don't relate to R2D gameplay or game.

Ban Guide

Why you were booted off the race of the Earth.

Colored Comments

Wondering why some comments are colored on this wikia?

Deathbattle Tournaments

For battle and glory. For the Cup.

Previous Votepolls

We are, for the most part, a democracy.


The triple entente.

Chosy X Krieg: A "Fan"fiction

Cringe reading at your fingertips.

Gallery of Tankified Users

Famous people who became enraged.

Ghost Hunting

The Kreig premier.

KingVenomRBLX Drawings

Sketchpad at the ready.

Krieg's Gallery

Random Sunny D memes.

Lilithm's Stories

Wastland - One Shot.

LordHenryVonHenry's Comics

Tinpot Adventures and more.

PlaceRebuilder's Gallery

The holy heaven of galleries.

Robi567's Comics

R2D Comedy Comics.

Robi567 Drawings

R2D Comedy Drawings.

The JoJite's Fanart


The Quackenning

Made by Kreig Industries.

Wall of stupid comments

Educated humour.

Wall of Rage

Classic humour.

Wibzes Meme Page Deluxe

For the memes.

Zihakre Drawings

Quality pencil drawings.

Archived Pages

Pages that reflect old R2D society and haven't been updated since.


How you could have gotten into the hippest club in the world.


This does make us a sovereign state.

Known Hacks

Someone acting suspicious? Confirm here!


Major Hacking Elite.


What we strive towards.


Follow them or prepare to be banned.


The old guard of R2D. Forgotten in time. Embedded forever.

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