The Tank is already a devastating zombie within R2D. Combine other traits associated with other zombies, you can create deadly combos. These types of zombies are extremely rare and are said to be a glitch. You should stay away from all these zombies unless properly equipped.

The ElementalTank, formerly the FirebreatherTank, is a weird combination of the Tank and the Elemental/Firebreather. Some Tank moves are traded for Elemental moves and vice versa. Think of this as a buffed up Elemental to prevent disappointment.


Left Mouse Button
Punch Deals 26 damage. Consumes no energy.
F key
Fire/Ice Drop Creates a ring of fire or ice spikes.
Consumes 70 energy.
E key
Transform Turns into the opposite variant.
Consumes 70 energy.


  • This mutation has several attacks that is cancelled out by another attack.
    • The Rock Throw move is cancelled by the Fire/Ice Drop while the Fire/Ice Spit move is cancelled by the Punch move.
  • The ElementalTank doesn't have invisible arms while the FirebreatherTank does.
  • This doesn't give 1,000 health like other mutations of the Tank does.


RobloxScreenShot08162014 183110575
R2D Tank and Ice Elemental????

R2D Tank and Ice Elemental????

Tank Hybrid

Tank Hybrid

RobloxScreenShot11012014 151844876

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