The Elemental is one of the special infected in R2D. All Elementals appear in ice or fire-form. The Elemental can be purchased for 145$ and the kill reward is 30$

The Elemental is a beast that has two different forms: one being an ice-form, and the other being a fire-form. While in ice-form, your primary ability is to freeze players for a long time, hence making players very vulnerable to zombies, such as the Hunter, Cavebat and Tank. Ice-form Elementals can also be used to effectively to fling players off the map by doing an Ice Drop. Upon touch by the ice-form, you are instantly frozen. While in fire-form, your primary ability is to deal damage. Although not being able to freeze players, you can deal a heck load of damage to unsuspecting survivors by shooting a Fire Spit at them, and better yet, with a well placed Fire Drop, you can get amount your kills... That is if the survivors aren't wearing Fireproof Vests. Upon touch players are afflicted a burn status. You can also do devastating combos by freezing a player, then transforming into the fire-form to constantly burn the frozen player until death. Overall, this zombie is a beast. Do not mess around with one...


Left Mouse Button
Fire/Ice Spit Shoots out fire/ice.
Consumes 30 energy.
F key
Fire/Ice Drop Creates a ring of fire or ice spikes.
Consumes 70 energy.
Humanoid Touch Fire/Ice Touch Deals the status effect upon touch.
E key
Tranform Turns into the opposite variant.
Consumes 70 energy.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Difficult to hit survivors with Fire/Ice Spit.
  • Light reveals where you are if you are around a corner or nearby.
  • When in ice-form, you can't deal damage to survivors.
  • When in fire-form, you are useless against Fireproof Vests.
  • When in ice-form, you are useless against Iceproof Vests.
  • The stamina consumption is very high and energy regenerates slowly so constant spamming is not possible.


  • When in ice-form, you can freeze survivors for a long time, making them vulnerable to nearby zombies.
  • When in fire-form, you can deal a lot of damage that continues burning survivors.
  • Near transparent body and bright light makes you harder to see if moving around.
  • You can heal yourself with natural or artificial fires.
    • With a well placed Fire Drop you can heal yourself and you can camp around it and spam another Fire Drop.
  • Ice Drop can fling survivors.
  • Long range Ice/Fire Spit.


  • The Elemental is the first special infected that can transform into another form.
  • The Elemental replaced the Firebreather.
  • When the Elemental was first introduced in Version 45 it could take damage from any fire but this was fixed in Version 50.
  • The Elemental made a return in R2DA.

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