Edgar The Smoker is a special type of Smoker. He spawns 8% out of all smoker spawns. His health, speed and appearance differs from a normal Smoker.

You can't buy him nor upgrade a normal Smoker. He simply spawns 8% of the time when you spawn as a Smoker.


Left Mouse Button
Green Tongue Grab Clicking upon a player will grab them and drag them towards you very quickly, double normal speed.
Deals 2 damage per second
Consumes 100 energy.
Humanoid Touch Scratch Deals 20 damage. Consumes no energy.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • You move really slowly during Grab.
  • Grab consumes all energy.
  • Tongue can be broken (with a Rambo Knife) or damaged (with a Chainsaw).


  • Long range grabs.
  • Disarms victim.
    • Cannot stop a survivor from shooting an automatic weapon if they are grabbed while still shooting.
  • Fast speed, easily outpacing survivors.
  • High damage.
  • High health.


  • While the Edgar can spawn with a Standard Vest, it will not give any additional health.
  • This zombie uses one of the Winter Games Event 2015 hats.
  • Apparently the Edgar is a magician according to PlaceRebuilder's decals.
  • The Edgar made a return in R2DA.

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