The Tank is already a devastating zombie within R2D. Combine other traits associated with other zombies, you can create deadly combos. These types of zombies are extremely rare and are said to be a glitch. You should stay away from all these zombies unless properly equipped.

Meet the EdgarTank. This may be the most devastating zombie in the game as it deals high damage when its target is tounged and the tounge allows the victim to pulled closer to the EdgarTank, meaning more chances to hit teh victim with Rock Throw. It also has high health, even when the Edgar health is used instead. Luckily, mutations and Edgar on their own are already very rare.


Left Mouse Button
Punch Deals 26 damage. Consumes no energy.
F key
Rock Throw Throws a large piece of rock. If the rock isn't broken and it hits a survivor, they are instantly killed. If one of the four fragments hits a survivor, they are tripped. Consumes no energy.
Left Mouse Button
Tounge Clicking upon a player will grab them and drag them towards you.
Deals 1 damage per second
Consumes 100 energy.


  • This is the rarest zombie in the entire game.


Edgar tank

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