Earbuds is a gamepass for 400 Robux. It gives the ability to make your own music playlists, allowing to play any music from the roblox audio section.

This is technically a hat and can be disabled in the Settings. When enabled, it is show on your avatar. The Earbuds currently supports 7 playlists with up to 25 songs per playlist.

You can adjust the volume of the music, skip the music and see the length of the music before and after adding it to a playlist. You can name your playlist anything.


  • There's a Twitter Code that allows one free session of Earbuds.
  • The amount of playlists increased from 5 to 7 in Version 52.
    • The amount of songs per playlists increased from 7 to 25 in Version 52.
    • The price of Earbuds increased from 300 R$ to 400 R$ in Version 52.
      • The price of Earbuds increased from 400 R$ to 500 R$ in Version 57.
    • The hat feature was implemented in Version 52 and it can now be seen on your avatar.
  • The hat can be found here.
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