The Duck is the first and only mob that will not be available to the general public. You have to buy the Supporters Pass to use this. It uses its cute appearance to delude the players into thinking it's just an everyday duck; meanwhile its inner nuclear circuits are overheating. If it comes in contact with a survivor, it will result in a huge explosion. The Duck is considered to joker class of the game.


Left Mouse Button
Quack Quack to others players.
Humanoid Touch Explode Deals 100 damage upon contact. You will die and you cannot choose the Duck as an option.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Slow speed.
  • Can't damage survivor without dying.
  • Does not explode if killed. Has to be in contact with a survivor.


  • Creates a huge explosion radius.
    • Instantly kills anyone without blast resistance or additional health.
  • Small and friendly-feature target.
    • Can easily hide within maps.
    • Able to fit through small cracks in maps, like the rock wall in Caved In, due to its size.
  • New players may not classify it as a threat.


  • You can only use the Duck once a round so be wise when you choose to use it.
    • It's smart to use the Duck on a cluster of survivors as opposed to a singular person.


  • First zombie related item that costs Robux.
  • Ducks explode if touched by dead limbs of survivors as well.
  • Despite being a Duck it cannot float on the non-collide water or move faster on collide-able water.
  • The Duck has a special explosion as it creates a miniature mushroom cloud instead of a simple explosion.

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