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This page depicts each difficulty with its different zombie spawn rates and rewards. Most gamemodes can have a pool of four gamemodes, except the special cases depicted below. All Gamemodes (except Obby, Boss and Bunny) give 100 player points for a win.


Reward: 100$-175$

Infected Chance: 20%

Starting Zombies: 2-4


Reward: 200$-275$

Infected Chance: 30%

Starting Zombies: 4-6


Reward: 300$-375$

Infected Chance: 40%

Starting Zombies: 6-8


Reward: 400$-500$

Infected Chance: 50%

Starting Zombies: 8-10

Special Cases


Reward: There is no round reward when defeating a boss even though a reward sum is displayed.

Capture The Flag: EXTREME

Infected Chance: 60%

Starting Zombies: 8-10

Reward: 470$-500$

Snowball Fight, Mixed Martial Arts and Free For All: Unknown

Reward: 0$-100$

Obby: Easy, Medium, Hard or EXTREME

Reward: There is no round reward even if you complete the obby desspite a reward sum being displayed.

Bunny: Unknown

Reward: 0$-100$

Following rewards not noted in loading screen but is accredited at the end of the round:

1st place: 3 bunny points

2nd place: 2 bunny points

3rd place: 1 bunny point


  • The smaller the server, the more likely you will become an infected.
  • The harder the difficulty, the more likely players will spawn as a special infected.
  • The Smoker spawnrate hasn't decreased from 10% ever since the Winter Games Event 2015, so spawning as a Smoker is likely.
  • During Lay By, the Crawler is 50%, no matter what gamemode.
  • Your percentage on being a starting zombie lowers every round when you spawn as a starter zombie but increases the more you spawn as a survivor.
    • You are guaranteed to be a survivor if you were a starting zombie for the previous two rounds.