On September, a runner-up of the Deathmatch IX tournament & semi-finalist of the Deathmatch I & V tournaments, treyplayx3, came up to do a speech for the Deathmatch X tournament. Here's what he had to say:

This is the 10th anniversary of the Deathbattle Tournaments, in which Deathmatch I started on July 8th, 2018. I treyplayx3, would like to thank everyone, including the enemies who put me down in the past, for joining these tournaments to win it all. I wish you all luck in winning the milestone trophy of a great event that started 2 months ago that turned into what we have today. Good luck to everyone...


This is the 10th anniversary of the Deathbattle Tournaments, with this one being Deathmatch X.

This is the sequel to Deathmatch IX, and the prequel to Deathmatch XI.


Contestants Appearance Best Finish
WikiaColors 10 Semi-Finals (III)
EpicFire 9 Semi-Finals (II, VI)
ethan2awesome 9 Runner-Up (VIII)
Nexuses dog (Mislav) 3 Quarter-Finals (VIII)
Criss 4 Semi-Finals (VIII)
Royal 8 Runner-Up (IV, VII)
Premian 4 Round of 16 (II, VIII)
Slick 2 Semi-Finals (IV)
Bleach 10 Semi-Finals (IV)
(as Bruiserweight)
10 Champion (I)
military medic Callaway 3 Round of 16 (IX)
Mew Psycutter 3 Quarter-Finals (VIII, IX)
Adrian° 7 Semi-Finals (III)
treyplayx3 5 Runner Up (IX)
PerryBM 5 Champion (IX)
EricisFreaker 7 Champion (IV, VIII)
MusicalDeveloper 10 Runner-Up (V)
Konkeosam 2 Round One (IX)
Nick_S 3 Round of 16 (II)
BegSwitch 9 Quarter-Finals (I, II, VI, VIII)
Todaysucks 1 N/A
(as TheEncrypter)
9 Semi-Finals (II)


Round One

Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
treyplayx3 100-78 BegSwitch
military medic Callaway 100-80 Nick_S
Todaysucks 75-100 PerryBM
MusicalDeveloper 100-55 Bleach
WikiaColors 100-95 Premian
Nexuses dog (Mislav) 82-100 WorldMaster

Round of 16

Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
EricisFreaker 100-76 ethan2awesome
Adrian 100-96 Konkeosam
SuperTokyoMan 86-100 Royal
EpicFire 100-78 Criss
Mew Psycutter 89-100 Slick
treyplayx3 85-100 military medic Callaway
PerryBM 99-100 MusicalDeveloper
WikiaColors 100-91 WorldMaster


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
EricisFreaker 100-87 Adrian
Royal 84-100 EpicFire
Slick 100-57 military medic Callaway
MusicalDeveloper 90-100 WikiaColors


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
EricisFreaker 58-100 EpicFire
Slick 100-85 WikiaColors


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
EpiccFire 100-96 Slick

Purple Heart Epicyellowpicture
EpiccFire, 10th Anniversary and 1st Title
"get on my level"
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