Fifth Deathbattle Tournament. Like the previous two tournaments, the draw of the players isn't decided on when they signed up but instead randomised.

EricIsFreaker was defending champion.

Poster is based off the Alps, in Europe.


Contestants Appearance Best Finish
WikiaColors 5 Semi-Finals (III)
EpicFire 4 Semi-Finals (II)
(as Bleach)
5 Semi-Finals (IV)
Royal 4 Runner-Up (IV)
Sebas_54 1 N/A
(as TheEncrypter)
4 Semi-Finals (II)
Adrian° 3 Semi-Finals (III)
1rowan 4 Champion (II)
(Zarkovaian) 1 N/A
Meep579 gaming 3 Champion (III)
doggo 3 Runner Up (III)
Đł₥ł₮Ɽł₴/₥ł₮₴Ø₴ 2 Quarter-Finals (IV)
treyplayx3 3 Semi-Finals (I)
EricisFreaker 5 Winner (IV)
MusicalDeveloper 5 Round of 16 (I, II, III, IV)
sandra 1 N/A
Bruiserweight 5 Champion (I)
ethan2awesome 4 Round of 16 (II, III, IV)
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