Eighth Deathbattle Tournament. Like most previous tournaments, the draw of the players isn't decided on when they signed up but instead randomised. The first 7 people drawn first got a bye to the second round (Round of 16).

On the poster, the map behind WikiaColor_s is called Los Paradise.


Contestants Appearance Best Finish
WikiaColors 9 Semi-Finals (III)
EpicFire 8 Semi-Finals (II, VI)
(as Bruiserweight)
9 Champion (I)
Criss 3 Semi-Finals (VIII)
BegSwitch 8 Quarter-Finals (I, II, VI, VIII)
Premian 3 Round of 16 (II, VIII)
Bleach 9 Semi-Finals (IV)
Nexuses dog (Mislav) 2 Quarter-Finals (VIII)
𝘿𝙚𝙫 1 N/A
PerryBM 4 Semi-Finals (VII)
military medic Callaway 2 Round One (VII)
ArXe66 1 N/A
Royal 7 Runner-Up (IV, VII)
Wxter 7 Semi-Finals (I)
ethan2awesome 8 Runner-Up (VIII)
Mew Psycutter 2 Quarter-Finals (VIII)
treyplayx3 4 Semi-Finals (I, V)
Adrian° 6 Semi-Finals (III)
EricisFreaker 6 Champion (IV, VIII)
MusicalDeveloper 9 Runner-Up (V)
Konkeosam 1 N/A
(as TheEncrypter)
8 Semi-Finals (II)
Nick_S 2 Round of 16 (II)
1rowan 7 Champion (II)
Meep579 gaming 7 Champion (III, V)


Round One

Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
BegSwitch 100-95 Wxter
𝘿𝙚𝙫 68-100 Nexuses dog (Mislav)
Premian 88-100 EpicFire
WikiaColors 85-100 Adrian
treyplayx3 100-97 Meep579 Gaming
Bleach 100-80 SuperTokyoMan
ethan2awesome 100-88 Nick_S
1rowan 100-53 Criss
WorldMaster 100-58 Konkeosam

Round of 16

Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
PerryBM 100-90 military medic Callaway
MusicalDeveloper 100-80 Mew Psycutter
Royal w/o ArXe66
EricisFreaker 100-57 BegSwitch
Nexuses dog (Mislav) 91-100 Epiccfire
Adrian 68-100 treyplayx3
Bleach 83-100 ethan2awesome
1rowan 100-95 WorldMaster


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
PerryBM 100-69 Mew Psycutter
Royal 100-74 EricisFreaker
Epiccfire 87-100 treyplayx3
ethan2awesome 100-87 1rowan


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
PerryBM 100-91 Royal
treyplayx3 100-95 ethan2awesome


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
PerryBM 100-63 treyplayx3

PerryBM, 1st Title
"I would like to thank the memes and colors"
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