Third Deathbattle Tournament. Unlike previous tournaments, the draw of the players isn't decided on when they signed up but instead randomised.

A new cup was unveiled here, the Cup de Muerte (Spanish for "Death Cup").

The poster was made with the number three in roman numerals and with it being slightly slanted to represent the ROBLOX logo.


All contestants DM'ed WikiaColors to get in.

Contestants Appearance Best Finish
EricisFreaker 3 Runner Up (II)
ethan2awesome 2 Round of 16 (II)
WikiaColors 3 Quarter-Finals (I)
EpicFire 2 Semi-Final (II)
stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2 3 Quarter-Finals (I, II)
DanMinery 2 Runner-Up (I)
Meep579 gaming 1 N/A
doggo 1 N/A
1rowan 2 Champion (II)
BegSwitch 3 Quarter-Finals (I, II)
TheEncrypter 2 Semi-Final (II)
(as Bleach)
3 Quarter-Final (I)
Bruiserweight 3 Champion (I)
Adrian° 1 N/A
Royal 2 Round of 16 (I)
MusicalDeveloper 3 Round of 16 (I, II)


Round of 16

Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
1rowan 100-89 Верный
Royal 90-100 WikiaColors
EpicFire 80-100 DanMinery
Meep579 gaming 100-74 Bruiserweight
doggo 100=90 MusicalDeveloper
TheEncrypter 100-91 ethan2awesome
BegSwitch 47-100 Adrian°
stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2 100-74 EricisFreaker


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
1rowan 92-100 WikiaColors
DanMinery 92-100 Meep579 gaming
doggo 100-65 TheEncrypter
Adrian° 100-80 stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
WikiaColors 73-100 Meep579 gaming
doggo 100-91 Adrian°


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
Meep579 gaming 100-83 doggo

Meep579 gaming, 1st Title
"Where's my free robux?"
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