Second Deathbattle Tournament. Defending Champion is Bruiserweight. The design of the poster is based on the Olympic Games, London 2012.

The Round of 16 was an eventful affair. Deathmatch I semi-finalist, treyplayx3, was knocked out by a newcomer, 1rowan. Last time winner, Bruiserweight, was knocked out dramatically with stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2 having 8 health left and in one of the most tightest affair ever, WikiaColors was beaten with 1 health left by TheEncrypter.

Excluding the A Flaming Pumpkin (voong_way) vs 1rowan battle, all quarter-finals were a dramatic affair. Wxter was beaten by newcomer, EpicFire, with 1 health left. EricisFreaker beat stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2 with 7 health remaining and TheEncrypter Beat begSwitch with 3 health left.

The semi-final contained only one non-R2DA staff member, EpicFire. It produced two finalists, EricisFreaker and 1rowan.

In the final, 1rowan was dramatically crowned champion. He was presented with the Europa Cup from last time.


All contestants DM'ed WikiaColors to get in.

Contestants Appearance Best Finish
A Pumpkin (voong_way) 2 Round of 16 (I)
Bleach 2 Quarter-Finals (I)
1rowan 1 N/A
treyplayx3 2 Semi-Finals (I)
MusicalDeveloper 2 Round of 16 (I)
Wxter 2 Semi-Finals (I)
EpicFire 1 N/A
ethan2awesome 1 N/A
Premian 1 N/A
EricisFreaker 2 Round of 16 (I)
stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2 2 Quarter-Finals (I)
Bruiserweight 2 Winner (I)
BegSwitch 2 Quarter-Finals (I)
Nick 1 N/A
WikiaColors 2 Quarter-Finals (I)
TheEncrypter 1 N/A


Round of 16

Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
Bleach 90-100 A Flaming Pumpkin (voong_way)
1rowan 100-84 treyplayx3
MusicalDeveloper 83-100 Wxter
EpicFire 83-100 ethan2awesome
Premian 69-100 EricisFreaker
stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2 100-92 Bruiserweight
BegSwitch 100-84 Nick
WikiaColors 99-100 TheEncrypter


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
A Flaming Pumpkin (voong_way) 80-100 1rowan
Wxter 99-100 EpicFire
EricisFreaker 100-93 stupidchair|goatsimulatorprpthe2
BegSwitch 97-100 TheEncrypter


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
1rowan 100-95 EpicFire
EricisFreaker 100-62 TheEncrypter


Opponent 1 Score Opponent 2
1rowan 100-93 EricisFreaker

JPEG 20180710 202342
1rowan, 1st Title
"my headrows never gave up on me"
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