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Dead Vacation name derived from the Left 4 Dead maps Dead Center, Dead Air is a map set in a resort on a river captured by survivors to use as a refuge.

Presumably, the R2D survivors see this as a safe zone and crash into a field near the resort. Inside the main resort building, you can see sleeping bags and boxes, most likely used by the first arriving survivors.

Survivors must refill a generator with five Gasoline Cans which are found all around the map. After the generator is started, survivors must call for help on the Radio which can be found inside of the main resort buildings. After those objectives are complete, survivors must hold off the zombies for 5 minutes until the boat arrives to rescue them.


Survivors spawn next to a crashed helicopter, similar to the old Helicopter from New Bloxcoast

The map itself is a cutaway from any land, with mountains and a body of water separating it. A cave can be spotted if a survivor walks towards the end of the map. A survivor can also find what appears to be a storage hut. Floodlights are dotted around the map. They can only be turned on once the generator is online.

On the lower level of this map, there is another wooden hut, with some fuel tanks, a small outhouse and the main resort house. The main resort house has three levels. The underground level contains a water garage. The next level, which can be accessed through the high ground doors, contains some rooms with sleeping bags. The upper level also contains rooms with sleeping bags. There is a truss next to the generator to access the roof.

Far away, you can see another island, with a house on fire. Using a Cavebat, you can see that the house is partially complete.


  • When the boat comes, you do not need to take a seat. You can easily strife with the boat.
    • The boat can sometimes glitch onto the winning platform.
  • This is one of the most suitable maps for a Chinalake.
  • Using the Hammer and the Turret to barricade yourself inside the Radio room is a good idea.
    • You should be aware of Hunters trying to leap in through the windows and Cavebats trying to fly into the room.


  • The crashed Helicopter looks very similar to the old Helicopter that picks up the survivors in New Bloxcoast before the Helicopter changed into a more modern kind.
  • During the winter, there was a snow-fort outside the cave.
  • Later on, nearing the death of R2D, the generator objective broke, meaning you could not complete the objective.
  • The Dead Vacation made a return in R2DA.