Dead Plaza is a R2D map set in an abandoned mall. It is a Elimination and Survival map, although, by chance, if an admin plays a round of Dead Plaza Free For All, it becomes a round of the removed gamemode The Mad Murderer.


This map is a large section of a mall infested with zombies. It features many shops, restaurants, a mini-cinema and an underground car lot with a blocked entrance.

Survivors spawn at what is presumably the entrance of the mall. There are two floors. On the bottom floor, accessed via a pair of escalators, contains a cinema and a restaurant, as well as various miscellaneous shops. There are a flight of stairs to another shop to the next floor. It is a dead end, and you must break the glass if you want to exit quickly.

On the top floor, there are more shops and restaurants, as well as some vents, which can be used for camping. Further along, there is a car park, with the exit blocked.


  • Items are rare in this map. bring your own Pills and Medkits just in case.
  • The map is enclosed and tight. Weapons such as the Thompson and Flamethrower are recommended.
    • Explosions are also good in this map. Consider bringing the Crossbow.


  • There is a Grenade in the cinema's front desk popcorn machine that is unobtainable.
  • A "Work At a Pizza Place" Pizza Delivery Vehicle can be seen in the garage.
  • It was meant to have the The Mad Murderer gamemode, but it was later cancelled due to the overwhelming negative response by the majority of the community. (78% disapproval rate.)
  • There is a glitch in which a player can glitch themselves out of the map though an ATM machine near the spawn. This is very difficult to perform and you are more likely to be killed in the process.
  • This is also the first map not to feature any supply boxes or item spawns.
    • The Sewers was the first to not have any supply boxes.
  • DeadPlaza made a return in R2DA.

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