The Tank is already a devastating zombie within R2D. Combine other traits associated with other zombies, you can create deadly combos. These types of zombies are extremely rare and are said to be a glitch. You should stay away from all these zombies unless properly equipped.

An example of this is the CrawlerTank. Due to its speed, high damage and high health, it is very rare to get past this type of zombie. However, it is possible to defeat this zombie.

JOHN ROBLOX, on YouTube, has defeated this variant of Tank with a Chainsaw. While he took a healthy amount of damage doing so, a RPG would easily take this out. Be warned, however. They can buy the C4 from the Live Store, making them the perfect karma weapon for those who want to kill this for their status symbol.


Left Mouse Button
Punch Deals 26 damage. Consumes no energy.
F key
Rock Throw Throws a large piece of rock. If the rock isn't broken and it hits a survivor, they are instantly killed. If one of the four fragments hits a survivor, they are tripped. Consumes no energy.
Kamikaze Blows up and resets if you have bought the C4 from the Live Store.
Also activated when killed.


  • The Tank itself does not change appearance. The only visual change is that the Tank is sitting down instead of standing.
  • While this can do the Rock Throw attack, it will break up almost immediately due to how the Tank is situated.


RobloxScreenShot02152015 172902093
Crawler tank
Tank crawler
RobloxScreenShot11082014 160642648
RobloxScreenShot11082014 150809535
RobloxScreenShot11092014 201441034

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