The Crawler is one of the special infected in R2D. All Crawlers appear to sit idly. The Crawler can be purchased for 20$ and the kill reward is 20$

Crawlers are zombies that gave up on walking and decided that crawling is an easier way to move around. Eating fresh meat from survivors with impressive agility, the survivors have called this the fastest zombie. Their willpower to eat the survivor's brain is so high that they do everything to avoid the bullets by doing zig-zag and bunny-hopping, making it difficult kill this zombie. One of the Crawlers once put a C4 on his back and other Crawlers admired his idea, so it became a popular thing for them; die explosively in the survivor's face. The Crawler is considered the ninja class of the game.


Left Mouse Button
Scratch Deals 10 damage. Consumes no energy.
Kamikaze Blows up and resets if you have bought the C4 from the Live Store.
Also activated when killed.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Climbing trusses are very difficult.
    • Climbing ladders are not impossible, but very difficult.
  • Not very resilient to damage.
  • Countered by shoves, and any type of knockdown, then killed from a distance.


  • Difficult to be killed when bunny-hopping and zig-zagging.
  • Can explode upon death at the price of 100$.
    • Can be used to blow players off the map or out of a Vehicle
  • High speed.
  • Cheap and much better than a Zombie.


  • The Crawler is the first, and only, zombie to have a Live Store upgrade, being the C4 upgrade.
  • The Crawler is known for kill stealing with the Kamikaze or quick attack.
    • It's often good to quick attack the a player then use the Kamikaze.
  • There's a rare C4 Crawler that when blown up a white screen occurs. It's commonly known as the Flashbang Crawler. This is most likely a bug.

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