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Clusternade seems like a weird compound word. I guess cluster means compressed or packed. And I guess, there's a Grenade involved but it seems like a completely stupid name for an item that does some good. Until you are too close to the blast. Then say goodbye to your kids. And your family.


  • The Clusternade's power can instantly wreck a Tank.
  • The Clusternade is most effective at decimating hordes of Zombies.
  • The Clusternade has a higher chance to hit a zombie than the regular Grenade because of its huge final blast.


  • You can find the model in the catalog here.
  • There is a code to get 30 Clusternades featured on PlaceRebuilder's twitter, @XelPixels.
  • In v58, the model changed to what you see right now.
  • This could be considered the predecessor to the Owonade From R2DA.